Privacy Policy for Blå Huset Hotell Umeå AB

The processing of personal data about Blå Huset Hotell Umeå AB’s customers

We want you to always be safe when you submit your personal information to us at Blå Huset. We do all we can to protect them from unauthorized use. All processing of personal data is based on provisions of the Swedish Integrity Protection Act.


Blå Huset Hotell Umeå AB is responsible for personal data under the Personal Data Act for the processing of personal data that takes place within the company, and within all departments under its roof.


If you have questions about the processing of personal data in Blå Huset and the privacy policy of our business, please contact If you have general questions about the privacy of our business, please contact our personal information representative at the address:
Blå Huset Hotell Umeå AB
Box 280
901 06 Umeå

Orders, reservations and complaints

When you order or book a product / service at any of the Blå Huset Hotell Umeå AB departments via, for example, the Internet, telephone or through the reception, your personal information will be registered in our customer database and used for administration of your order or booking. The data can also be used for market and customer analyzes, follow-up and development of Blå Husets services as well as for marketing purposes within the group to which the Blå Huset belongs. Therefore, we want to assure you that no personal information is disclosed outside the Group. Personal identification number is registered to the extent that it is necessary for us to give credit if, for example, you trade / book against invoice and must be registered in the claim. In case of complaints or cancellations, relevant information will be recorded to enable us to handle the specific case effectively.

Cookies on our websites

On our sites, we use Google Analytics to measure how they are used. This allows us to evaluate how they work and make improvements. This will save a so-called cookie in the browser, which will allow us to see how visitors click the site and how often they return. This information and IP address will be saved in Google Analytics for 26 months and will then be deleted. If the visitor chooses not to accept cookies, nothing is saved.

Our sites also use a so called Facebook pixel. This means that Facebook saves a cookie in the browser that allows us to see which visitors arrived on the website from an ad on Facebook, and be able to show more specific ads to the visitors in the future. If the visitor chooses not to accept cookies, this cookie is not saved.

How long are the data saved?

We keep your personal information as long as they are needed to handle your order or booking, billing, handling complaints and complaints, and for taking advantage of your rights regarding, for example, warranties. Information that, according to other Swedish law (eg the Accounting Act), must be retained for a longer period of time, retained for that purpose and for the time required, and no longer.

Company information

For individual traders, the social security number is registered as the company’s organization number. Contact persons of companies are registered with the address, telephone number, department, e-mail address and position of these data are considered relevant for handling order or booking.

Registry extracts and corrections

You are entitled to receive information about your personal data processed at Blå Huset Hotell Umeå AB and its departments once a year. In such cases, you should request this in writing to the personal information representative (address above)
If you think a statement about you is wrong or misleading, please contact us at